When Avenoir was formed at the start of 2015 our philosophy was to be as creative and forward thinking as possible to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Avenoir artists are managed and treated like family members, where their own ideas, opinions, and concepts are woven into the fabric of what we work on together. The end game is to produce a well-rounded artist that is ahead of the curve yet current and marketable in an ever changing industry.

When working with younger artists we encourage their schooling and education and a positive mental attitude towards the industry they want to work in. This means explaining the business side of the industry and preparing them for the highs and lows of one of the most competitive industries in the world.

We also encourage artists to give back to their respective communities they live in as well. We help to provide them with the necessary tools to perform at various venues and events that cater for less privileged. Avenoir are committed to working with various charities in the UK.

Avenoirs A&R has been instrumental in Artist Development for young aspiring stars as well as the more established musicians who have been in the industry for thirty plus years. 

We can help find you Songwriters if you need inspirational song writing or if you like to write yourself we can help you with co-writes on that song of yours.